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Individual & Group Psychotherapy

Find the emotional and psychological help you need to move forward at Prairie Counseling Services. Our mental health professionals use a variety of techniques to help patients reach their goals, including individual and group psychotherapy, where you have the opportunity to confront your fears and gain the psychological strength to triumph over them.


Marriage & Family Counseling

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Work your way through family, partner, and spousal problems with marriage and family counseling from our mental health professionals.

Communication problems, clashing personalities, and substance abuse are often at the center of interpersonal relationship issues, so we motivate you to discuss your problems openly and come to a compromise on how to mend your relationship.

Gain the upper hand in your struggle with substance abuse with drug and alcohol abuse treatment from our counselors.

Individual and group counseling is available based on your preference, during which we educate you about your addiction and explain the importance of self-help and after-care groups in your ongoing recovery. 

Schedule an appointment with our mental health specialists in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, for compassionate counseling services.

About Us

Live a life free of emotional and psychological impediments with counseling services from our mental health specialists in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Prairie Counseling Services specializes in comprehensive treatment for adults, adolescents, and their families. Experienced, certified professionals staff our private mental health clinic, so you will receive the highest quality treatment in a setting that is conducive to your recovery.

Since 1977, Prairie Counseling Services has served as a state certified clinic operating on an interdisciplinary team basis. Initial consultation and evaluation precedes all treatment and specific individualized treatment plans are provided for all patients.

Standard Clinic Fee - A standard hourly clinic fee (available upon request) is charged for all services regardless of the number of family members involved.

Select Reduced Fee Program

We want anyone who needs therapy to be able to afford it, which is why our clinic offers a select range of services on a sliding fee scale for those patients with limited financial resources and who lack health insurance coverage for these services. The sliding fee scale is based on income and financial responsibilities.